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  • Health Resort SOSNY
    JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery

  • 247781, Strelsk, Mozyr district,
    Gomel region

  • Tel.: +375-236-37-35-77
    E-mail: ekruk@mnpz.by

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Medical treatment, services and health improvement

1. Medical specialization: 

  • digestive system diseases; 
  • musculoskeletal system diseases;
  • heart diseases;
  • respiratory system diseases;
  • peripheral nervous system diseases;
  • gynecological diseases. 

The treatment of associated dermal diseases (atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis) is also available. 

Patients are treated by doctors of the following specialties: 

  1. therapeutist (1st qualification grade);
  2. neurologist (2nd qualification grade);
  3. physical therapeutist (2nd qualification grade);
  4. reflexologist (1st qualification grade);
  5. gynecologist (1st qualification grade);
  6. dentist (1st qualification grade). 

2. Therapeutic sources & facilities available : 

  • mineral water (potable and balneological);
  • sulfide slime muds (Saki Lake, Crimea);
  • naphthalanotherapy;
  • ozokeritotherapy;
  • halotherapy;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • Nauheim bath;
  • manual massage, mechanical massage (massage couch NUGA BEST and a massage chair), hardware massage (HIVAMAT);
  • pneumocompression therapy;
  • local cryotherapy;
  • electrophototherapy;
  • exercise therapy;
  • swimming pool;
  • diet therapy. 

3. Extra medical services available 

Extra treatment procedures are available on a paid basis.
Price for medical services: 

Information regarding the mineral water: 

There are 2 mineral water wells on the territory of the Health Resort.

The water from Well No.1 is high-mineralized and is used for balneotherapy.

The water from Well No.2 is low-mineralized. Chemically, it is hydrocarbonate-chloride-sodium with humic substances content. The water is used for curing chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, chronic colitis, liver and bile passages diseases, pancreatitis, urinary system diseases, metabolic diseases. Water with humane substances facilitates hepatic cells to remove toxins out from the body, enhances uropoiesis in kidneys, removes urinary sand, small calculi, mucus and microorganisms from kidneys and urinary tract, treats dysbacteriosis and has immunomodulatory effect.

The mineral water composition is as follows:

  • Sodium – 1150.0 mg/dm3
  • Potassium – 9.5 mg/dm3
  • Calcium – 52.91 mg/dm3
  • Magnesium – 124.54 mg/dm3
  • Sulphates – 44.19 mg/dm3
  • Chlorides– 44.19 mg/dm3
  • Hydrocarbonate – 267.88 mg/dm3
  • Humic substances – 20 mg/dm3

The closest analogue of the water is mineral water “Naftusya” (Truskavets resort).

As per indications and provided that the total amount of the treatment procedures specified by Health Resort treatment package is preserved, there may be their different combinations with regard to a patient’s individual treatment regimen.

At the wish of a patient and provided that there are no contraindications, extra treatment and rehabilitation procedures are available at extra cost.


Magnetic and laser therapy (REFTON)
Magnetic therapy (OrthoSPOK)
Pneumocompression therapy
Magnetic therapy (Polus-2)
Cedar barrel
Charcot's douche
Underwater treatment
Sulfide slime muds (Saki Lake, Crimea)
Massage chair
Nauheim bath