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  • Health Resort SOSNY
    JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery

  • 247781, Strelsk, Mozyr district,
    Gomel region

  • Tel.: +375-236-37-35-77
    E-mail: ekruk@mnpz.by

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Health Resort profile

Three-storeyed building “A”, two-storeyed building “B”, three-storeyed diagnostic and treatment building, fitness center and gym, swimming pool, steam bath and sauna are available at Health Resort. Administration, dining-room, bar and library are located on the 1st floor of building “A”. All Health Resort buildings are linked with passages. A multifunctional sports ground, children’s playground, recreation area with a picturesque view on the river Pripyat’ are available on the territory of Health Resort.

Health Resort SOSNY was built in 1986 and was located on the right bank of the river Pripyat in pine forest 310 km from Minsk, 18 km from Mozyr, occupying an area of 17 hectares.

Geographic coordinates are as follows - 51°57.428'N, 29°25.033'E

Full repair of building “B” (freestanding building) was done in 2007. The building comprises 25 rooms – both single and twin.

Bedroom building “A” was restored in 2010. It is linked with building “B” and diagnostic and treatment building with passages and comprises 48 rooms – single, twin and double deluxe suites.

Diagnostic and treatment building was restored in 2011. It is a freestanding building, linked with building “A” and swimming pool with passages.
Parking is available on the territory of the Health Resort.
Health Resort SOSNY is surrounded with soft-wood forest and is located in wildlife reserve STRELSKIY, which is public protected area with unique landscape, flora and fauna.
Health Resort SOSNY


Health Resort SOSNY
Artificial pond
Artificial pond
Descent to the river "Pripyat"
Car parking
Health Resort SOSNY
Car parking